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Biodata-Rameshwar Singh Pande, 2011

Curriculum vitae:
PANDE, Rameshwar Singh
Chabahil, Adarshbasti Marg 162/55,
GPO Box 10245, Kathmandu-7, NEPAL.       
Tel:(977 1) 4460861/2073639/ 9841345082
DATE OF BIRTH/ NATIONALITY: 26 November, 1952 (2009 Chaitra 23 BS)/Nepali
·        Master of Agricultural Science (M Agr Sc) (Hon), & “Post Graduate Diploma in High Country Pasture and Fodder Research”, Massey University, New Zealand, 1988- 1990.
·        Bachelor of Agriculture (B Sc Ag), &  “Diploma of Agricultural Education (Dip Ag Ed)”, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, 1976-1980.

·        “Results-based Management”/ “Do No Harm - Project Management Strategies”/ “Log-frame Analysis” Nepal Australia Community Resource Management and Livelihoods Project (NACRMLP), Nepal, 2004/ 2005.
·        "Application of Geo Information Systems to Infrastructure and Resources Planning, Development and Management (GIS)", SAIT, Nepal. 2002/ 2003.
·        "Project Appraisal Training Programme (Class II Officers)", Nepal Administrative Staff Collage (NASC), Nepal, 1998.
·        "Integrated Rural Development", Institiut Penbangunan Tanah FELDA, Malaysia,  1984. And, others.

Nepali (Mother tongue)


i.    Period/Employer:  June, 2005  to  continued/ Freelance Livestock Consultant,
·        Lecturer (part time), Kathmandu Forestry College, May, 2010- Continue, Teaching Rangeland Management to Bachelor level students.
·        Consultant- Livestock, CMS, Nepal for “Saptakoshi Flood-Affected Rehabilitation Agriculture and Livestock Services, Nepal, Phase II”, June/July 2010 continue, review and prepare strategies and programme on livestock sector. Also, contributed for “Saptakoshi Flood-Affected Rehabilitation Agriculture and Livestock Services, Nepal” from 5-15 July, 2009.
·        General Secretary, Association of Nepal New Zealand Alumni (annza.nepal), overall operation/management.
·        Editor, "Krishi Patrika" -an agricultural newsletter, published twice a month in Nepali language since 16th December, 2007.
·        Chairperson, Gargy Shiksha Sadan, Nepal- An English medium school, Chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal.
·        Consultant (part time), Livestock/Agricultural Specialist, Agri-Business and Trade Promotion Multi-purpose Co-operatives (ABTRACO) projects: i)Establish, operate and promote Farmers advocacy Fora for addressing the contemporary agricultural development issues and problems". ii) Consultant, Fodder/Pasture Expert, for the project "Transfer of Technologies of Canadian Forage Sorghum Hybrid  (CFSH-30) to Nepal dairy farmers to raise their income through milk production" from June 2005 to September 2006.
·        Consultant (Livestock Development Specialist), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Rome for the project ”Review and Implementation Support Mission, Leasehold Forestry and Livestock Programme” April/ May, 2007.

ii. Period/Employer : April 2003 to May 2005/ URS Australia for the project ”Nepal Australia Community Resource Management & Livelihoods Project, Nepal”,
Position /Duties:  Consultant, Livestock Specialist:
Livestock based project planning, implementation of community development/livelihood improvement programmes through overall sustainable natural resource management including upper slopes pasture/rangelands and yak management. Facilitated action research and demonstration programmes on agroforestry and silvi-culture practices to user groups. Also served as a District Manager and contributed in administrator, budget preparation/operation and supervision to district level staff/programmes.

iii. Period/Employer:  May 1998  to March 2003/:  TYPSA Int., "Gulmi-Arghakhanchi Rural Development Project (GARDP II).
Position/Duties: Consultant, Livestock Specialist:
Head of the Livestock/Agriculture Sectors, contributed in Project Planning & Management related to livestock, dairy, agricultural and small-scale rural enterprises, community development/mobilization, emergency relieve and social disaster management, training/education, co-ordination, liaison and reporting, identified needs for training, facilitated/organized meeting, workshop, observation tours, training and others. Coordinated/ liaison with GOs/INGOs relating to community based activities. Prepared extension materials, training manual, progress reports, extension manuals.

iv. Period/Employer: May 1980 to April 1998/Department of Livestock Services. MOAC, Nepal,
Position/Duties: Livestock Development Officer,  Department of Livestock Services (DLS) and its district level offices/farms/projects. Responsibilities-
·        July, 1997 to April, 1998: Chief/Livestock Development Officer (Class II), District Livestock Services Office, Bhojpur, Nepal.
·        May, 1992 to June, 1997: Chief of the Pasture and Nutrition Section, Department of Livestock Services. Also, supported in i) Hills Leasehold Forestry and Forage Development Project, ii) Upper Sagarmatha Agricultural Development Project. And, as  a consultant for Agricultural Projects Services Centre (APROSC), Nepal for the projects: i) Forage Resource Development Project, 1997-1998, ii) Action Research on Feeds and Fodder for Livestock Developmen-1996, iii) Study on Live Animals and Animal Products Marketing in Nepal, 1995. iv) Carpet Wool Production Potential in Nepal, 1993. iv) Also, contributed as Agroforester, CARE International in Nepal, Natural Resources Management Project, Mahottari, Nepal (May/Dec 1992). and others
·        January 1991 to April 1992: Programme Planner, Himalayan Pasture and Fodder Research Network- Nepal, India, Bhutan and Pakistan (FAO, RAS/71/121).
·        July 1990 to December 1990: Assistant Livestock Development Officer (Planning and Monitoring), Department of Livestock Services. Supervised and monitored 'Northern Belt Pasture and Fodder Development Programme'. Also, contributed as a task force member to prepare Livestock Master Plan, and as member to the executive group to develop strategy paper on fodder and pasture seed development programme under UNDP/NEP 85/031/AS/45.
·        September 1986 to June 1990: Farm Manager, Rasuwa Pasture Development Farm, Nepal. During this period awarded scholarship and completed degree.
·        May 1981 to August 1986: Assistant Livestock Development Officer, Livestock Development Project Baitadi, Nepal.
·        1980-1981, Assistant Agriculture Officer, Regional Agricultural Directorate, Central Region, Lalitpur, Nepal.

a) Life Member, Nepal Animal Science Association (NASA), Kathmandu , b) Life Member, Society of Agricultural Scientists, Nepal (SAS-Nepal), c) Founder General Secretary, Association of Nepal New Zealand Alumni, d)  Founder General Secretary,  National Farmers Forum, Nepal, e) Nepal who’s who 2006, Research Centre for Communication and Development (RECOD), Kathmandu, and others

Books: i) Pande, R. S. 1997: Fodder and Pasture Development in Nepal. Udaya Research and Development Services Pvt. Ltd, Sanepa, Lalitpur/Kathmandu, Nepal, 1997. ii) Pande, R.S., 1994, ‘Livestock Feeds and Grassland Development in Nepal (in Nepali)’, National Forage and Grassland Research Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal
Research/ review papers:
  • Pande, R S, 2009. Status of rangeland resources and strategies for improvements in Nepal.  CAB Reviews: Perspectives in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Natural Resources, Netherlands. 2009, 4, 047,1-11
  • Pande, RS 2007, RP Sapkota, JC Gautam, 2007. “Promotion of Low Cost Fodder based Milk Production System NARC, Forage and Pasture Division, Lalitpur
  • Pande, RS 2006. Potential of Canadian Forage Sorghum in improving fodder supply for small dairy farmers in Nepal” APANEWS, Asia-Pacific Agroforestry Newsletter, Philippines, No. 28, July 2006.
  • Pande, RS 2005 “Pro-poor Community Forage Production Programme  in the Nepal Australia Community Resource Management and Livelihoods Project, Nepal” Proceedings of the Workshop on Fodder Oats, Fodder Technology Packages and Small Farm Income Generation. FAO 8-11 March 2005.
  • Pande, R.S. 2004. Chauri Production systems in Upper Slopes Areas, Sindhupalchok, Nepal. Fourth International Congress on Yak, September 20-26, 2004 Chngdu, China. 
  • Pande, R.S; P. D. Kemp; J Hodgson, 2002: Preference of goats and sheep for browse species under field conditions. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research, 2002, Vol. 45:97-102. 
  • Pande, R.S. and D. R. Pradhan, 1997: Nepal's Experience with Forage and Pasture Development and Forage Seed Production. Proceedings ‘Rangelands and Pastoral Development in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region”, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Kathmandu, 1997.
  • And other over 100 extension articles.

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